About Bodrum

Bodrum; is among the exceptional places around the globe when you can find the sea, history, nature and entertainment together.
Bodrum's acquaintance with the artists started with Cevat Þakir Kabaaðaçlý known as Halicarnassus Fisher who had been sent to here for exile then and continued with Zeki Müren who had settled down in Bodrum thus Bodrum became a resort where the most artist needed to spend their holidays at least for a limited period.
Bodrum, coming into agenda due to the private life activities of the artists over the media, became known and reputable thanks to having the Turkey's first underwater archaeology museum around the globe.
If the government included Bodrum among the prioritized regions for the tourism, then this will change Bodrum's destiny radically.

Bodrum has taken the big share in domestic tourism business since the days of realizing the importance of tourism for Turkey. For this reason, it always attracts the attention of the investors. Every year, the investments with big amounts are being done for quality accommodation facilities as well as entertainment sector.
Today, Bodrum is not only the most important touristical region of Turkey but also leading tourism centers around the globe. One of the most important reasons of attracting such a great attention for Bodrum is its having history dating back to ancient times. Almost each place in the peninsula where Bodrum lies is full of history.

Bodrum provides possibility for yacht tourism with its 2 marinas today. The construction of third marina in Yalýkavak is in progress and will be taken into service soon.

Whatever you are looking for, peace or entertainment around the clock and excitement. Bodrum has the full capacity of providing you with them.
At this district famous with its fully white houses, clear see reached through narrow streets, wooden boats, wonderful nature, and the holiday possibility for those at all budget levels is provided with highly comfortable accommodation facilities as well as pensions.

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You can arrive at International Milas-Bodrum Airport with an air flight of just 45 minutes from Istanbul and the distance of the airport to the down center is only 30 km.

The ever mild climate of Bodrum is mostly hot and dry during summer season. Average weather temperature is 35C and the weather is mild even the temperature goes down to 25C. The winters are warm enough to let you eat meals outside. Mostly, wearing just a sweater and a thin raincoat is enough.

What are available?
Thanks to Bodrum's excellent climate and settlement places, you can participate in your favorite open door activities almost around the entire year. You may participate in the activities of sailing, diving with tube, wind surf and jet ski or just swim in Bodrum where a true water sports paradise is. You can also participate in Blue Cruise or the tours with the camels or horses. You can visit the other districts by tours. If you are interested in history then you will find the material to keep you busy during your entire holiday.

Good camping sites and an ideal surrounding for wind surfers are here. The marvelous scenery of the Greek Aegean islands is just in front of you and it is perhaps one of the safest, sandiest beaches for children on the peninsula. There are several cafes and a tiny harbor. Camping facilities and a couple of small, inexpensive pensions for independent travelers. Still this place has its own tranquil charm.

Aspat (Cokertme)
Rising out of the shores of the Aegean and mentioned often in Turkish folk music, the real name of Aspat is Aspartos. Built on a barren rock, the perimeter of Aspat Castle measures 700 paces. The remains of several civilizations dating back to the Classical Age can be seen here.

With one of the best coves and beaches on the peninsula, it is an excellent place to camp and is 14 km from Bodrum.

It is 500 m. from Bodrum. One can reach to Bardakci by sea easily. Its crystal clear sea is well-known for its springs.

Bitez lies 7 km west of Bodrum, in the bay next to Gumbet. The winds here are particularly favorable for windsurfing and several water sports operators are based here.
The beach is sandy, with plenty of sunloungers and umbrellas for sunbathing,
Away from the beach it is possible to wander through mandarin orange groves where oxen plough and life continues as before.
The village itself is a 15 minute walk, or short drive, inland and remains totally unspoiled by tourism.
The only Turkish Delight (Lokum) to be made on the peninsula is made here.
Dolmuses leave for Bitez every 20-30 minutes from
the main bus station in Bodrum.

There are two beautiful coves at the North of Bodrum peninsula. Turkbuku and Golkoy coves. Golkoy, called as Carianda during ancient times had been a famous district where Carians had been earning their lives by wine trade and viniculture. Gölköy, named so due to the lake having palm trees around, is one of the most beautiful places within the peninsula. The region is within protection area. The works in order to make it a national park is undergoing.

Turbuku, called as Madnasa during ancient times, was a place where Greek originated people live in before Turks and that's why it was called as "Rumbuku". Its name was changed to "Turkbuku" after the Turks settled down. These two nested districts are an unified town municipality called as Golturkbuku now.
You can find countless ruins at the hills of Turkbuku town. The stone tombs in rooms, the cisterns used during the dry season, the baptism building and 500 years old wine wharf.

The region having two wonderful coves of Bodrum peninsula, hosts the leading celebrities of Turkey around the year. It has first class restaurants which you can taste very delicious meals as well as a number of quality accommodation facilities. You can always find something to make you entertain at these facilities. Everything from Latin American bands, Spanish music to Jazz, Cuban rythms.

How to go?
It is 45 km from Bodrum airport and 45 km and 19 km from Bodrum center. To arrive in this town, you must come to Torba crossroad from Bodrum center. By turning left from this crossroad, you will enter into the first settlement district . Here is Gölköy and the settlement place just after it, is Turkbuku. You can arrive at the district through Yalýkavak as well.

Only 2-3 km away from Bodrum this place recently became almost a resort unto itself. Gümbet (named after Kümbet - these numerous white-domed cisterns in the area) features one of the longest and most popular beaches on the peninsula. Gümbet is also one of the most popular water sports centers with water-skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, etc. available.

The popularity of Gümbet has also generated serious nightlife and the streets of Gümbet vibrate till dawn with the music from numerous bars, discos and street side-cafes

Gümüs is the Turkish word for Silver. Thanks to strictly enforced building prohibitions, the sea front has kept its original appearance and photogenic fishing village charm. This is the ideal spot for peace and quiet, with the added advantage of many excellent fish restaurants along the small waterfront, where you can sit comfortably next to the gently lapping sea.
Your feet are touching historical ground here, it is the harbor of ancient Myndos

Only a few minutes West of Yalikavak a place that can be really called peaceful. It is little village which is still more or less unspoiled despite the holiday developments on the surrounding hills. Here in the North of the peninsula a fresh breeze often comes . A reason why many surfers prefer this bay.

A beautiful fishing village, surrounded by nature. Very close to Bodrum Int. Aýrport. An undeveloped area at this moment in time ( no title deeds to property ). In time this area will become popular due to the close proximity of the airport..

The sandy beaches of this crystal clear sea are surrounded with citrus orchards. Situated 23 km from Bodrum, it gets its name from the remains of a nearby castle belonging to the Hellenistic era.

Situated 16 km out of Bodrum, its 500 m. beach is one of the best in the area.

Ortakent / Yahsi
Ortakent & Yahsi occupy the next bay to Bitez following the peninsula round to the west. The very large beach is popular with families, although the water rapidly becomes quite deep. There are several beach side cafes providing inexpensive meals and snacks throughout the day. There is also camping space here. To get to the beach, take a dolls from the main bus station in Bodrum to 'Yahoos beach'.
The village of , which means 'Midtown straddles the main Bodrum-Turgutreis road. The village is unremarkable except for the distinctive 17th century 'tower houses' unique to the area and built for defensive purposes.
Also with their own Web site now

You find this little town at the western tip of the peninsula. Named after the famous admiral, Turgut Reis, this is a *stroll* town in its own right and combines a compact town center with several long sandy beaches. This part of the coast is favored by professional wind surfers as the winds are generally strong.
Regular buses connect Turgutreis with Bodrum, and in high season coaches for Istanbul and Ankara leave from the Turgutreis bus station.
Kadikalesi, is next to Turgutreis and offers some of the finest holiday resorts.

This little village is hiding in a charming little bay. Heading North of Bodrum Torba is the nearest village. It is only active during the summer months, but due to the generally high quality of the holiday home developments is a pleasant and relaxed place to visit.
There are also the remains of a Byzantine monastery, and nearby is a small path leading to the next bay, which is ideal for a little light walking.
Ferries to Didim (ancient Didyma) leave from Torba harbor across the Gulf of Güllük.

One of the least unspoilt areas on the peninsula. Approx. 20km. from Bodrum centre. Surrounded by pine forests and wonderful mountain scenery. Life in the village still follows tradition, famous hand-made carpet weaving can be observed.

Turn right on the main road near Ortakent, after 10 km you come to Yalikavak with its small, but busy, center and a harbour where visiting yachts and fishing boats moor cheerfully together. The restaurants in the town center and on the sea front are popular with locals and
tourists alike.
Here is little beach, but it's more comfortable to sit in a waterside cafe and watch the world go by. Several buildings have been tastefully restored in the town; a former water cistern has become a small art gallery and a former olive oil press is converted into a kilim
showroom where visitors are welcome.

Historical places and museums:

Bodrum Castle
Bodrum Castle was built by Knights of Rhodes in honour of
St. Peter between 1415-1437. The stones and marbles of the Mausoleum, which is one of the seven wonders of ancient world and destroyed by an earthquake in 14th century, were used for the construction of the castle. There are five main towers, reflecting the architectural styles of the nations by whom tthey were constructed ,called English Tower, French Tower,Spanish Tower,Italien Tower and German TowerThe Knights built the walls facing the sea thin, and fortified the walls facing the land, as they had expected attacks from the land.

Bodrum was taken by the Turks in 1523. After 1895, the castle was used as a prison.It was coverted into a museum, in which, especially the findings of underwater archeology, Mycenean, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantium artifacts are displayed in different sections in chronogical order since 1960.

In the Gothic chapel in the courtyard, findins from the Bronze Age are exhibited dating back 3000-2000 years,discovered in this region of objects and weapons near Bodrum - Ortakent. In the section to the right of the chapel are exhibited in their original position the environs of the Gelidonya Wreck, which had loaded copper ignots, dating back to 1200 B.C. and which was discovered by underwater excavations off-shore the Cape Gelidonya, under direction of Prof. Dr. George Bass in 1960.

In the south of the chapel, adjoining the castle wall a Turkish Bath and old building where the bathing tradition is shown in details.

Boat Trips

Boat trips leave everday from 11:00-17:30pm you can visit Black Island and it's volcanic hot springs,Ada Bogazi and the Aquarium where you can swim with the fish, Orak Island and Rabbit Nose, North Wind Bay and German Bay many beach.


Bodrum Night Life

* Halikarnas: Bodrum's famous outdoor night club with it's world class DJ's theme parites and live shows, opens from 10pm till 5am

* Bodrum Night Club: Dance on the glass floor of the catamaran under the Octupus the largest floating club in the world. Departs at 12am till early morning.

Bodrum has many bars, night clubs, discos and turkish cultural shows to tantilies anyh bodies tastes

Bodrum Peninsula beaches and coastal bays Gumbet,Bitez Ortakent,Bagla,Aspat,Karaincir,Akyarlar,Turgutreis, Kadikalesi, Gumusluk,Yalikavak,Gundogan,Gol-Turkbuku,Torba